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When Did Voting To Reject A DCE Nominee Become An Indictment Of The President?

The Ghana 1992 Constitution mandates the sitting president to nominate candidates for the Metropolitan, Municipal, and District assemblies as their Chief Executives.This is...

Togbega’s Headache

The year was 1974, October. The University of Ghana Legon opened its doors for fresh admissions into First Year. In those days, unlike...

Regime Extenders, Adventurists –

President Akufo-Addo President Akufo-Addo could not have put the causes of regime extension by bad political leaders any better than he did when...

Sexual Predators Have No Business Around Children

The advent of social media has averted minds and eyes to one form of abuse or the other, particularly sexual offences against children...

The LGBTQ+ Inquisition

“Even as a star, the word (queer) describes those that exist outside of what society mandates”-Steven Z. PattonTHE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of Human Rights...

Back To The Airwaves –

Radio stations whose operating licences were revoked have had the decision reversed.While we acknowledge the gesture we would be quick to add that...

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