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Sunday, September 24, 2023

That’s Madness; Grand Mullah Breaths Fire As He Reveals The Cost Of CJ’s Ne Car

Kenya lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi popularly known as Grand Mullah has slammed the chief justice Martha Koome for living a luxurious life in a country where people are suffering.

Taking to his Twitter page the Ahmednasir has asked to be told why the chief justice had to buy a car worth $500,000 which is approximately ksh 43 million whereas millions of kids are sleeping hungry, with the over 1.5 million cases still not attended to by the courts and in a country where the courts take about 10 to 16 tears to hear a case and 6 to 12 months to deliver a judgement.

Ahmednasir also revealed that Martha Koome has 4 official cars now with 2 Mercedes Benz, 2 Prado and a land cruiser. He also revealed that the CJ enjoys 3 to 4 escirt cars. Calling it madness.

“Tell me why a CJ of poor third world country where millions kids sleep at night without food, with 1.5 million cases backlog, where it makes 10-15 yrs to hear a case and 6-12 months to deliver judgment will spend $500,000 to buy her 4th official car (cj has 2 Mercedes, 2 Parado and Land Cruiser and 3 to 4 escort cars) MADNESS!” He said


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