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Project BETA: Government Distributes Tablets for Monitoring Ruto’s Development Projects

The government has introduced a digital reporting and monitoring tool named “Project BETA.” This initiative aims to assess and monitor the execution, advancement, and efficacy of national government development projects, priority programs, presidential directives, and crime statistics nationwide.

A communication from the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday, November 22 indicated that the coordination of the project will be managed through the National Government Administration Officers system.

Dr. Raymond Omollo, the Principal Secretary of the Interior, emphasized that the tool is designed to guarantee the punctuality and reliability of information regarding government projects and programs.

During the distribution of tablets to regional and county commissioners at the Kenya School of Government, Dr. Omollo underscored that moving forward, projects will be uploaded and monitored in real time. This information will be accessible through a centralized dashboard, streamlining the tracking process.

“The purpose of Project BETA is to capacitate our officers to better supervise, coordinate and oversee effective implementation of National Government policies, programmes and projects with emphasis on the lowest administrative unit being the Sub-Location cascaded upwards to the Region level,” said PS Omollo.

The Regional and County Commissioners, who act as chairpersons of the National Government Development Implementation Coordination and Management Committees, will now be facilitated by Project BETA to assess ongoing projects and track the progress achieved.

Moreover, in their roles as chairpersons of the Security and Intelligence Committees at the regional and county levels, they will have access to comprehensive crime statistics. This includes data on incidents occurring in the last hour, 24 hours, one week, or even one month.

Additionally, Project BETA boasts the capability to analyze budgetary allocations and actual expenditures across various regions and counties. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, it will assess delayed projects and provide feedback on implementation challenges.

National Government Administration Officers( NGAOs) being the government’s first point of contact with the grassroots, will play a pivotal role in transforming and maximizing the impact of this targeted investment. This digital reporting capability and enhanced oversight capacity moves us faster to a more modern, functional, and efficient NGAOs that is highly responsive.” PS Omollo said.

This development aligns with President William Ruto’s directive issued during a two-day National Executive Pitstop Retreat. In line with his announcement, the government is now implementing a tracker within the BETA plan to diligently monitor and fulfill every commitment made by the government.

Project BETA will focus on tracking key government priority projects, including the following:

  1. Houses Built under the Affordable Housing Scheme: The tool will monitor the progress and completion of housing projects aimed at providing affordable housing solutions.
  2. Farmers Registered for Subsidized Fertilizer Distribution: The implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture’s subsidized fertilizer distribution program will be closely tracked, ensuring efficient registration and support for farmers.
  3. Trees Grown in the 15 Billion Tree Campaign: The tool will actively monitor the Ministry of Environment’s ambitious 15 billion tree campaign, assessing the number of trees planted and their contribution to environmental conservation.
  4. Beneficiaries Registered for the Inua Jamii Cash Safety-net Programme: Project BETA will keep a vigilant eye on the registration and support provided to beneficiaries under the Inua Jamii Cash Safety-net Programme and other related initiatives.
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