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Actress Trisha Khalid Addresses Joho Dating Speculations

Social media influencer Trisha Khalid, also known as Fosi Mpole Hamis, has denied having any romantic involvement with former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

The actress and model mentioned that ever since she gained prominence, she has had to contend with various rumors about her, particularly concerning her romantic life.

Trisha said the oddest rumour was that she was dating the monied politician.

One of the weirdest rumour I ever heard about me was that I was dating Former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

To this day, I never understood how someone would just sit and come up with such untrue stories even without bothering to verify. That honestly shocked me.”

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Trisha noted that dating Joho wouldn’t be an issue, but the reality is that it never occurred. Regarding her current dating life, Trisha said she is content in her present relationship. She also mentioned has no qualms about dating married men.

My view on dating married men has never changed, I don’t see anything wrong with dating married men. I’m a Muslim and according to our teachings, it’s halal to marry up to four wives and there is a good reason for that,” she explained.

Beyond the dating rumours, the ‘KOVU’ actor said she has had to shake off the socialite label that has been attached to her since gaining prominence.

I honestly hate it when people call me socialite because I’m not. I have never given anybody a reason to refer to me as a socialite.

“I work. I’m an actress, I own a spa, and run a boutique as well. All I do is work, how then am I a socialite? I’m not,” she insisted.

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