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“Report To Work Or Face Disciplinary Actions” Blow To Teachers From This Region As TSC Says This.

Teachers Service Commision have gone viral on social media platforms after what they said today to a group of teachers from North Eastern Region.Non-local teachers seeking transfers from the North Eastern Region have suffered a massive blow after teachers service commision declined their request.This group of teachers from the North Eastern region had written to the teachers service Commision requesting to be transferred to other schools in other parts of the country on claims that their areas of work were inhospitable.They had said that they were now fearing for their lives stating that everyday they were forced to rub and cheat death something which they say could not happen for long.They had said that their working conditions were extremely bad and they had just and enough with the terrible conditions hence the need to want to be transferred to other parts of the country by the teachers service Commision.They have however been hit by a very massive blow after the declaration by the teachers service Commision today to them telling them that it is not possible.

The teachers service Commision said that the teachers should have reported back to work because for one reason there is no better replacement for them or rather teachers who want to be transferred to this parts of the country.They have therefore told the teachers to report to back to work with immediate effect or they should prepare to deal with unsdisclose consequences of greater multitude.

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