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Chad National Who Scammed Senator Mungatana of Ksh76 Million Sentenced for Possession of Ksh960 Million Fake Currency

A notorious fraudster has been sentenced on three counts, including the possession of counterfeit currency amounting to over Ksh.960 million in foreign currency.

Abdoulaye Tamba Kouro, a Chad national who infamously conned Tana River Senator Danson Mungatana of Ksh76 million, was found guilty of possessing papers intended to resemble and pass as currency notes, forgery, as well as obtaining money by false pretense.

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According to the charge sheet, on October 1, 2018, the accused was found in possession of 54,000 counterfeit US dollars in denominations of 100 at Sandalwood apartment in Kilimani.

Tamba Kouro was additionally found with 19,000 forged Euros in denominations of 100 and another 3,400 Euros in denominations of 500, amounting to Ksh.960,120,000.

Going back to March 9, 2017, he allegedly defrauded Makau Muteke of USD 6,796 by falsely representing that he could invest the funds on his behalf in a business, a fact he knew to be false.

“The prosecution, through Virginia Kariuki informed the court that, according to the pre-sentence report filed on 21st November 2023 by Probation and Aftercare Service, the convict was not remorseful of the offence and that he is a flight risk, warranting a custodial sentence,” the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) said in a statement.

“Senior Principal Magistrate Benmark Ekhubi agreed with the prosecution who called a total of 7 witnesses and produced 15 exhibits.”

The court sentenced Abdoulaye Tamba Kouro to 4 years imprisonment without an option of a fine for being in possession of papers to resemble and pass as currency notes contrary to Section 367(a) of the Penal Code, 2 years without an option of a fine for the offence of forgery contrary to Section 349 of the Penal Code; as well as pay a fine of Ksh400,000 in default serve 2 years in prison for the offence of obtaining money by false pretence contrary to Section 313 of the Penal Code.

The sentences will run concurrently.

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