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Black American Lady Who Was Searching For A Nigerian Husband Organizes Interview To Choose The Best Candidate

Viral American woman in search of a Nigerian husband has revealed how she intends to choose a man.

Recall that the lady said she wants a man that is ready to relocate to the United States where they would live happily as husband and wife.

She said that eh has a house, and a stable job, adding that she wants the future hubby to move to the US to have a better life.

The lady with username Rundayfrom has given an update on her search, stating that she would conduct informal interviews on TikTok to pick the lucky man.

She also hinted at learning how to make fufu in preparation for being married to a Nigerian man. When social media users questioned her seriousness, she said that it is not clout chasing.

“I will be doing TikTok lives and picking people to talk to this weekend,” she wrote in a new video.

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