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‘Bentua’ shortage hits major markets in Accra – Report –

One of the major markets in the capital, Accra, has been facing a shortage of enema bulb syringes, commonly known as “bentua”.

The “bentua” is a bulb syringe used for administering liquid through the anus for various health and traditional purposes.

According to a report by Accra-based newspaper, The Mirror, this shortage has left many customers and vendors in disarray. They have not been able to access the product on a wholesale basis for the past three months.

Checks by the portal to the Accra Central Market have confirmed this shortage, with some vendors explaining the reasons behind it.

Some vendors have accused a licensed importer based in Kumasi of monopolizing the importation of the product into the country, leading to the shortage.

Georgina, who sells “bentua” at UTC in Accra, mentioned that the wholesaler mostly supplies stock to Kumasi and some West African countries, including Cote d’Ivoire. This had led to a limited supply for Accra.

Another vendor expressed to The Mirror that the exclusive importation arrangement from China is negatively affecting trade activities and their livelihood.

“Frequent complaints and agitation from potential customers have been overwhelming,” the vendor added.

Maame Bee, another vendor of “bentua” at Kingsway in Accra, stated, “If the woman in Kumasi does not supply the Accra Central market, no one else seems to have the right to import into the country.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot produce ‘bentua’ in Ghana,” another vendor named Naa Tsotsoo said.

“China, Germany, and Holland all produce ‘bentua’. There is also an Indian company in Abidjan making them. Our great, great grandmothers have been using this; Why can’t we produce some here?” Naa Tsotsoo questioned.

Currently, the shortage of “bentua” is significantly impacting businesses, vendors, and customers who rely on the product for various health and traditional purposes.

The profitable item is being sold for prices ranging from GH¢25 to GH¢70, depending on the size.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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