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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Motorcycle Jerk Went Wrong! Boyfriend Left Girlfriend At The Scene (Watch Video)

A certain couple has been caught on CCT camera bumped with motorcycle robbers trying to rob them.

The man left his girlfriend and ran away, when one of the robbers jamped over them and threatening him surrender their bag.

However, the robber felt sorry for her then he returned her bag.

The video has gathered a lot of Netizens opinions saying the robber was once a good person.

Comment section is flooded with with different opions toward the boyfriend and the jerk.

That boyfriend, can always get another girl friend.


“Robber is more gentleman than the boyfriend. A couple should be prepared to fight for each other”.

“He could’ve at least stayed and not fought back. But then again I don’t know how long they’ve known each other or been together’’

“What was he supposed to do? These things are not always straightforward, what it the thrives have gun?


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