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King Paluta Kicks Against Profane Songs

King Paluta 


Ghanaian rapper, King Paluta, has disclosed that he has shifted his attention from making profane music to making music that will improve the lives of his fans.

According to King Paluta, rapping about “a lot of foolish things” in the past didn’t get him anywhere, but when he changed his emphasis to performing more upbeat songs like ‘Aseda’ (thankfulness), he was successful.

Paluta stressed the value of optimism in music, saying that he no longer listens to his old, profanity-filled songs, adding that he thinks recording upbeat songs will further his career.

King Paluta, who is well-known for the famous song ‘Sika Aba Fie,’ is keen to provide a good example for aspiring musicians, and advises them against performing vulgar songs in order to gain attention.

Paluta hopes that by making this change, he would pave the way for Ghanaian music to take a more positive turn, particularly for artistes that emerge from the streets.

With his timeless hit tunes, King Paluta has emerged as one of the biggest breakthrough talents of the year in review.

The rapper has created several successful hits, including ‘Yahitte’, ‘Sika Aba Fie,’ and ‘Aha Akye.’

He has amassed more than 10 million streams on multiple digital platforms and commands a sizable social media following.

King Paluta recently performed as the main act at a concert in Dusseldorf, Germany, and surprised the audience with an amazing show.

By George Clifford Owusu

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