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Traditional Attire Worn By Nancy Isime On Instagram

Nancy Isime is a Nigerian actress and she recently shared some photos of herself looking pretty in her traditional attire and the colour combination of her fabric gave her a good combo and it also brightened up her skin complexion. Nancy Isime is dressed in an Efik attire and it suits her body features.

She’s wearing a crop top and her skirt is sewn in a wrapped style and it’s unique. The hand of her top is detachable and it’s designed with a green fabric. She crossed a beaded necklace around her neck and it enhanced the beauty of her appearance. Her costume is perfect and everything she’s wearing symbolises something unique in Efik.

Her staff symbolises royalty and her makeup is neatly applied. Nancy Isime is a fashionista and she has a good fashion sense. Her hairstyle added more beauty to her charisma and she beautified her hair with beads. Some of her fans reacted to her post. Check out some comments below.

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