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Making the most of your time on dating apps

Online dating is becoming more and more popular every year. And the number of web dating services is rapidly increasing. On the one hand, this diversity is a plus. After all, everyone has a wide choice. But on the other hand, we can see an obvious disadvantage — the complexity of the choice available. A lot is not always good. Especially if a person is not yet confident enough in using dating sites, so risks spending too much time looking for a suitable one.

Today we want to talk with you about the advantages and disadvantages of modern Internet dating, consider popular online dating formats, and also share our thoughts on how to enjoy the benefits of getting acquainted online without wasting time!

Advantages and disadvantages of web dating

For the average user, the advantages of online dating are quite obvious:

  • An opportunity to meet interesting people from anywhere in the world.
  • Huge and diverse audience of web dating services.
  • Convenient mobile applications that give even more freedom.
  • Huge time savings for meeting and communication.
  • Comfortable, convenient and safe online communication.
  • A large selection of high-quality dating sites and applications for every taste.

This is not even the whole list. Every person will find some special advantages for themselves, which will become key in their choices. But behind all the advantages of online dating, obvious disadvantages are hidden, which cannot be ignored:

  • Difficulties in finding and using a suitable site due to too many choices.
  • A large number of Internet scammers on dating sites and apps.
  • Lots of people without serious intentions.
  • Numerous paid features, without which an effective search is almost impossible.
  • The biased attitude of many people towards online dating.

It must also be said that some users of dating sites and applications do not fully understand what they themselves expect from online dating. Yes, there are many who are serious about finding true love. But there are many others who don’t know what they want. Many just want to pass the time and chat with like-minded people, but they are not ready to become attached to someone, make friends, let alone relationships. This is a rather serious problem, because you risk spending a lot of time on a person who does not want a relationship at all.

The only advice on how to eliminate  most of the disadvantages of web dating is to approach your choice of site with all seriousness and objectively evaluate the people with whom you communicate. Let’s try to deal with these individually.

How to choose the right dating service

At the moment, there are about 8,000 dating sites and applications around the world. It is really easy to get lost in such a variety. But with the right approach, you can significantly simplify your task of choosing if you divide all these services into several main categories:

  1. Location-based services

In this category, the most obvious example is Tinder and its many rivals. The principle of operation of such applications is based on the search for potentially suitable partners, based on location. That is, Tinder tries to find users who are physically close to you. This is a convenient format for those who want to quickly meet new acquaintances and spend time together. But on the other hand, it limits the possibilities of searching for a match outside a close radius.

  1. Services with personality tests

Here we can cite Plenty of Fish and eHarmony as examples. Personality tests help algorithms better understand a person and understand what kind of people suit them. And then find these people and recommend an acquaintance. In theory, such a system can indeed be very effective. But in practice, it often breaks down on the unwillingness of people to honestly answer the questions of the questionnaire, or simple laziness. Many simply choose answers randomly and then wonder why the algorithm doesn’t work correctly.

  1. Services with a focus on video chat

Recently, video chats appear in almost all popular dating applications, and this is an important stage in their development. After all, it’s only by communicating via video that you can objectively assess the other person, understand their real motives and goals, decide whether you are ready to continue to communicate with this person further, and maybe even develop a relationship. By the way, if you like the video chat format, there is a great alternative to classic sites and dating apps. Find out more about it…

Random video chat: convenient communication without borders

Anonymous video chat is a great dating format for those who do not want to spend a lot of time, but also want to significantly expand their social circle. Here you communicate via video, immediately see the other person, hear their voice, evaluate their vibe, and so on. This helps you quickly get to know a person and understand whether it is worth developing a relationship with them.

  • CooMeet — is a great random video chat for men who want to chat with girls. All thanks to the unique gender filter and the mandatory verification of girls’ identities. There are no fakes and bots here, which is another important advantage. CooMeet has a quality support service and a built-in message translator.
  • Tango — is not exactly a video chat, but rather a streaming service. You can conduct live broadcasts, collect dozens or hundreds of viewers, make new friends and even make money on your streams. An excellent format for active and sociable people.
  • Bigo Live — is another service with live broadcasts, but it’s primarily made more for game streams. If you like video games and know how to comment on the gameplay in an interesting way, be sure to try Bigo Live — you’ll like it!
  • Azar — is a random video chat for smartphones that also has a video streaming feature. In addition, Azar has more “classic” features of dating apps. For example, here you can view the profiles of other users, chat with them and add them to your friends list. All in all, Azar is a nice mix of random video chat and a regular dating app.

These are just a few of the random video chats we can recommend. There are actually many more. And if for some reason you have not yet discovered this dating format for yourself, we strongly advise you to do it. Video chat is a great alternative to the usual sites and applications. You can save a lot of time, avoid spending money on access to certain functions, as is the case in dating applications, and you can switch to the next person at any time and meet new people non-stop. We recommend you try it.

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