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Nigeria Ranked 6th Country With Men That Have Largest Penis Size Globally

Nigeria has been ranked sixth among countries whose men have the biggest penis sizes in the world.

According to Data Pandas, the average Nigerian men have a 17.00 cm penis length, making it number five on the African continent.

Studies reveal that the average penis size is universally smaller and more consistent across countries.

However, science shows that the average length of an erect human male penis usually lies between 12.9 cm and 13.92 cm.

In the report by Data Pandas, the six African and three South American nations make the top 10 whose men have the largest penis size with only Lebanon from Asia breaking into the circle.

Sudan tops the chart with men having 17.95cm penis size, the Democratic Republic of Congo comes second with 17.93cm, while Ecuador is third with 17.59cm.

The fourth and fifth on the list are the Republic of Congo with 17.33cm and Ghana with 17.31cm respectively.

Venezuela is seventh with 16.93cm, Lebanon sits in eighth position with 16.82cm, Colombia claims ninth place with 16.75cm, and Cameroon settles for tenth on the log with 16.65cm.




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