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Driving Someone’s Car Without Authorization Is An Offense Liable To Fine Or Imprisonment For 6 Months

Aliyu Giwa, a police officer, has warned Nigerians that using someone else’s car without their permission carries a charge.

According to the Road Traffic Act, driving someone else’s automobile without their permission is a crime punishable by a fine or six months in jail, according to Giwa in a Twitter thread.

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Do you know that?

Driving without authorization of the owner of a vehicle is an offense and liable to a fine or imprisonment for 6 months.

Sec 33 of the Road traffic act says;

A person who drives a motor vehicle on an occasion when he is not expressly or impliedly authorized by the owner of the motor vehicle is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or to imprisonment for six months or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Source; www.ghgossip.com

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