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From princess to queen of talk: Sarah Ferguson in talks to host US chat show

Sarah Ferguson is keen to host a chat show in America.

The Duchess of York is believed to have met with TV producer Amy Rosenblum at New York’s Regency Hotel last month to discuss potentially launching her own chat show in the USA.

Rosenblum told the Mail On Sunday newspaper: “Sarah told me, ‘I want a show! I want a show!’

“I did a pilot with her about 15 years ago. We were up against Ellen DeGeneres and ultimately they went with Ellen.

“But Sarah was really good when we did the pilot. We have been friends since then.”

And, TV insiders believe Ferguson – who was previously married to King Charles’ brother Prince Andrew – could command a large fee to present her own chat show.

An insider from ABC TV, part of giant Disney Studios, said: “Fergie could reasonably expect to earn around £2-million a year, but that figure would go up considerably should her show be a hit.

“She’s always gone down well in America. She’s never been too proud to promote the heck out of anything, be it one of her books or WeightWatchers.

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“Americans respect someone who hustles.

“Ellen has retired so there is a gap in the market.

“The amount she’d earn as a chat-show host depends on the network. Streaming services like Netflix are no longer offering silly money like they did with Harry and Meghan. A lot of people got burned.

“But Americans still love a royal title and English accent and Sarah has both. If she’s serious about doing a chat show, then doors will definitely open for her.”


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