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Soccer time: Bear in US has a ball, literally! Wins the love of netizens

Who would not love to kick a soccer ball? Even an enthusiastic bear did not hesitate to enjoy himself when it spotted a soccer ball. An adorable video showing the bear having fun with a soccer ball has surfaced online and netizens cannot stop gushing over it.

The clip shared by ABC News on Facebook shows the bear kicking the ball on the road with its face. The animal playfully climbs a tree and stares at the ball. Then, it descends the tree and zestfully throws the ball to the other side. The animal scurries around the lawn and continues its solo play with the ball.

The video was captured from South Lake Tahoe, a city in California, US. Netizens were thrilled to watch the clip. A user commented, “So cute!! He’s having so much fun!! Now people who go camping or hiking in the wilderness have a defense against bear attacks!!! Bring a soccer ball!!” Another user commented, “Makes you wonder how a bear knows that a soccer ball is to play with… had he been watching kids do that & thought hey that looks like fun… pretty cool.”

Bears’ antics often grab eyeballs online. Recently, a video showing a black bear playing with paint did rounds on social media. In the video shared by Northwest Trek Wildlife Park on Instagram, the bear named Fern was seen rubbing its face and paws on a paint-covered ground. The wildlife park also noted on Instagram that the paint was non-toxic.



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