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‘Cake meme gone too far’: Netizens compare Kanye West’s new Yeezy Sulfur shoes with failed foods

It’s not unusual for celebrities to branch out and introduce their own fashion or accessory brands. However, it’s seldom that all product designs of a certain superstar become fodder for memes like Kanye West’s Yeezy shoes. Yeezy’s latest footwear design too sparked online jokes about it being failed pastry and baked goods.

Yes, the light yellow trainer, which looks like anything but footwear, is more like a deflated balloon. It has now gone viral online, however, not for the right reasons. Priced at $200, the YZY 450 SULFUR is the musician’s collaboration with Adidas.

The unusual-looking sneakers that feature a sock-like inside with an outer casing that is supposed to resemble shark’s teeth, according to the product description, were launched in May. However, it wasn’t until this week that a Twitter user asked for feedback on the shoes.

“How do you feel about Sulfur so far?” Yeezy Mafia tweeted.

From being mistaken for “uncooked pastry”, “cold butter”, “quarantine bread” to much more, people have been coming up with hilarious puns, comparing the pair of shoes to an array of edible treats. And it wasn’t just netizens who jumped on the bandwagon to poke some fun at the sneakers, even brands joined the conversation comparing it to baked products.

Look at some of the funniest reactions to the design here:

In 2020, West’s new Yeezy sunglasses, a partnership with Gap, left netizens confused as it looked more like a hairband than a pair of glasses. In 2018, his blue Yeezy slides broke the internet for its zig-zag lugged soles as people concluded it looked more like a sculpture than flip flops.


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