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‘Harry Potter’ stars lead wave of tributes to Sir Michael Gambon

The stars of ‘Harry Potter’ have led tributes to Sir Michael Gambon – hailing him a “magnificent trickster” and his acting “complex” and “vulnerable”.

Actors including Jason Isaacs, Fiona Shaw and James Phelps shared glowing memories of working with quadruple Bafta-winning Gambon within hours of the announcement from his family on Thursday he had died in hospital aged 82 after losing a battle with a bout of pneumonia.

In a statement given to Variety, Daniel Radcliffe said: “With the loss of Michael Gambon the world just became considerably less fun.

“Michael Gambon was one of the most brilliant, effortless actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with, but despite his immense talent, the thing I will remember most about him is how much fun he had doing his job.“

Rupert Grint – who played Ron Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ film franchise – has taken to social media to heap praise on his former co-star, describing Gambon as a “personal role model” for him.

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He wrote on Instagram: “So sad to hear about Michael. He brought so much warmth and mischief to every day on set. He captivated me as a kid and became a personal role model of mine for finding the fun and eccentricities in life. Sending all my love to his family, Rupert (sic)”

Isaacs, 60, famed for playing Lucius Malfoy in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise alongside the acting great, who played loveable wizard Albus Dumbledore in six of the fantasy films, said on X: “Magnificent Michael Gambon has died. I learned what acting could be from Michael in ‘The Singing Detective’ – complex, vulnerable and utterly human.

“The greatest thrill of being in the ‘Potter’ films was that he knew my name and shared his fearless, filthy sense of fun with me.”

Fiona Shaw, 65, who plated Petunia Dursley in ‘Potter’, told BBC Radio 4: “I will remember him because he was also a gun maker – he could make guns, he always said he could fool the V and A (museum) into believing that they were 18th century guns.

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“So I will think of him as a trickster, just brilliant, magnificent trickster, but with text, there was nothing like him – he could do anything.”

“He took over from Richard Harris (as Albus Dumbledore) and of course, he began to mimic Richard Harris, who had recently died, and he would do his accent, the slight Irish accent.’”

James Phelps, who was Fred Weasley in the ‘Potter’ series added on X: “Very sorry to hear about the passing of Michael Gambon. He was, on and off the camera, a legend.”

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