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Askies? Mzansi tweeps joke at comparisons between new Twitter logo and Checkers Xtra Savings card

Elon Musk must be very proud of himself for rebranding Twitter with a simple “X” logo.

The new design is clean and uncomplicated. But eagle-eyed tweeps were soon onto the multi-billionaire’s design process.

For one, it looks eerily similar to local retailer Checkers’ Xtra Savings card. And now, we can’t unsee it.

When online user Nadine Aucamp posted side-by-side images of both logos with the caption, “The new Twitter logo is giving Checkers Xtra Savings,” tweeps were quick to jump into her mentions.

Being one of South Africa’s fastest growing rewards programmes, almost everyone in the country owns a card, meaning the logo is pretty well known.

Many agreed with her, and that’s when the jokes started piling up.

@PlumbumPb82 suggested that maybe Musk has a personal interest in Checkers: “Maybe he has shares in the Xtra savings programme…..”

Another joked, “Checkers could win a trademark infringement case here.”

If the retailer was smart enough to ride the Twitter X wave, @ruthy0nfire added: “Checkers is on the money with their marketing so I can’t WAIT to see what they cook up.”

People even went as far as tagging Musk and Checkers in their responses, but as of yet, none of them have come to the party.

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For those who are curious as to how Twitter got it’s new X logo, according to the New York Times, “X” is a term for what Musk described as an “everything app” that could combine social media, instant messaging and payment services. Think of it as a super-app.

Who knows, maybe X will one day deliver our groceries in under 60 minutes as well?


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