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That’s not normal! ‘My friend wants nude pictures of my wife’

Sending nudes to your other half isn’t anything out of the ordinary these days. Couples do it all the time.

While this is normal between couples, it’s not normal for friends to send nudes to each other – no matter how close they might be.

A 32-year-old man and his 27-year-old wife are mutual friends with another couple. The four have known each other for three years and have a close relationship to the point where they are very open about their sex lives.

While the four have had many conversations about their sexual experiences, they never physically interact with each other.

However, it now seems the lines have been blurred with one husband wanting much more.

The one husband, who’s a Reddit user, has taken to the app to share his concerns about his friend (who he calls Ron) who has now demanded to see nudes of his wife.

The two wives are alone on a trip together and this is where things have gone sour.

“On this trip, Ron was texting his wife several times a day asking her for nudes (which is totally fine) but also encouraging her to take nudes with my wife. He was even sending money as a ploy for pictures,” wrote the user.

He adds that Ron had paid for the trip for both ladies which included tickets to a concert and that he was using that as leverage to get the pictures.

“My wife felt obligated to send a nude after Ron sent money to his wife to pay for something for my wife.

“The moment she sent it, she texted me and told me the whole story and how she felt uncomfortable.

“This went on for the entire weekend with my wife being pressured into taking naked pictures in return for money. My wife sent two pictures after being pressured,” wrote the unhappy husband.

He confronted Ron and was told that he was overreacting.

“He says that we all talk about sex together and that it’s not weird that he asked my wife for nudes. I would NEVER ask my wife for nudes of any of her friends nor would I pressure her into doing that.

“So am I the asshole for confronting him and telling him that he has crossed a boundary by begging his wife for naked pictures of my wife?” he now asked Reddit users.

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“This dude ain’t your friend. And your wife didn’t have to do sh** regardless of him sending money. This whole thing is gross,” responded one person.

Another commented, “Like in what world is this normal?”


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