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Tweeps reminisce on Pusha T’s infamous Drake diss: ‘Pusha left a stain on this man's legacy’

When Pusha T released his Drake diss track, “The Story of Adidon”, five years ago this week, Drake had an aura of invincibility.

Not only had he been on an unprecedented run of streaming success, he’d also freshly dispatched of Philly rapper Meek Mill in another highly publicised and contentious public feud.

But Pusha held a powerful trick up his sleeve — he had somehow uncovered that Drake had a secret child that he’d been hiding from the public.

And so he masterfully sourced the instrumental track from Jay-Z’s, “The Story of O.J.” and came at Drake in a way nobody had before.

The expose’ was so vicious and harsh not only for alleging that Drake had a child named Adonis with former porn star Sophie Brussaux, but also for Pusha’s attack at Drake’s insecurities regarding his race as well as other attacks directed towards Drake’s longtime record producer, 40, and Drake’s dad.

In the midst of this anniversary week, fans have been debating how much of an impact this song has had on Drake’s largely unblemished legacy:

“Pusha brought Drake back down to reality,” Tweeted @cawbbbb. “Aubrey was running around like he’s untouchable after the Meek battle; and rightfully so. Pusha left a stain on this mans legacy and no streaming era Billboard accolades can ever make that go away.”

Apple Music 1 host @oldmanebro added: “Major L … shifted the universe. Put a ceiling on Drake’s legend.”

Some Tweeps challenged the idea that this feud had put a ceiling on Drake’s legend and others questioned why the same logic didn’t apply for Jay-Z after Nas’ notorious diss track in the early 2000s, Ebro added: “Drake has recovered but not like HOV.

“HOV signed Nas and then brought him out at a concert. Then Nas has continued to unleash 🔥🔥, HOV too, but not to the degree of Nas at this juncture. Story still unfolding. To be continued…”

@bgee0815 shared that he he felt people were exaggerating the song’s impact. “Sh** did nothing for real. It didn’t stop drake’s momentum. In the spirit of competition, we want it to mean more but it just didn’t.

“We still hear “hit ‘em up” “ether” “back to back”, we never hear this track. And even with those classic diss records, greatness can’t be stopped.”

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