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‘Selling Sunset’ star Amanza Smith reveals she’s cancer-free

Amanza Smith is cancer-free.

The “Selling Sunset” star has taken to social media to share the news, after her health worries were revealed during season six of the reality show.

Smith, 46, said on Instagram: “Thank you to everyone for your concerns and well wishes towards my health. I am happy to tell you that I am in fact, not only cancer free, but also possibly ageing backwards and happier than I’ve been in forever! The results of my biopsy were benign! (sic)”

The reality star insisted that she “will continue to be grateful” for her good health.

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She said: “You realise that if it is in fact in poor standing, everything else falls secondary. I have lost many loved ones to cancer.

“The most recent one was my adoptive father and you all see that in season six. Maybe I didn’t say how he passed but that was how and it is a very sensitive subject. (sic)”

Smith was seen worrying about her health during season six of the hit Netflix show.

The TV star admitted to being anxious about getting a biopsy, and that her children – Noah and Braker – had to convince her to see a doctor.

She said on the show: “I just realised, like, holy s***, my kids, I’m all they have. And then it just triggered something inside of me.”

Smith’s initial scan result proved to be “questionable” and she was forced to undergo a biopsy.

Smith confessed on “Selling Sunset” that it didn’t “look good” for her at the time. However, she’s now taken to social media to reveal that she’s cancer-free and is already looking forward to the future

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