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WATCH: ‘Grim Reaper’ captured on camera at King Charles' coronation

Is it a hoax or the real deal? A video circulating on Twitter shows a spooky figure wandering around King Charles III’s coronation, leaving viewers wondering if it’s genuine or a fabrication.

According to Twitter users, during King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday, an eerie figure of the Grim Reaper was spotted by some.

Several individuals shared screenshots of TV footage that displayed what seemed to be a hooded, cloaked entity carrying a tool resembling a scythe.

So, there was a spooky, Grim Reaper-like figure strolling through the background of King Charles III’s coronation, and nobody batted an eye?

I mean, it’s not like this was just some dude in a hoodie – we’re talking about a massive, hooded figure carrying a freaking scythe!

Were all the attendees too busy worrying about which fork to use for the fancy banquet to notice?

The Grim Reaper is a symbol of death and mortality. Depicted as a skeletal figure cloaked in a dark robe, the Reaper is often portrayed as carrying a scythe, which represents the cutting of the thread of life.

In folklore and popular culture, the Grim Reaper is a powerful and haunting reminder of the inevitability of death.

Either way, I’m starting to think that King Charles III’s coronation looked more like a Halloween party.

@Joe captioned the video: ‘’Anyone else just notice the Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey? 👀 #Coronation.’’

While this seems scary, viewers used the opportunity to joke around, with Jeff Griffen saying it’s ‘Megan Markle’.

Ed Kendrick wrote: ‘’High security should allow the identity of the grim reaper to be revealed. No doubt this is an official walk-in.’’

While it’s unclear whether the footage of the Grim Reaper-like figure at King Charles III’s coronation is a genuine paranormal sighting or just a cleverly staged hoax, it’s definitely causing a stir on social media.

Whether taken seriously or with a pinch of salt, the spooky video is sure to leave viewers feeling uneasy.


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