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WATCH: French artist creates amazing 3d murals that look like they're bursting from the walls

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A French artist is transforming abandoned buildings into pieces of art with his incredible 3D murals. Self-taught graffiti enthusiast Pierrot, who identifies himself as SCAF on his social media channels seeks out unconventional places to adorn with his amazing depictions.

Designs range from massive animals to recognisable cartoon characters. All of Scaf’s murals are rendered two-dimensional but through perspective, light and shading, the figures appear as if they’re jumping out from the walls.

To prove their realism, SCAF often poses alongside his finished works so that viewers can make sense of what is 3D and what is not. The locations for SCAF’s art vary but are almost always situated in neglected places such as factories, houses, and even unused pools. Once he gets to work, however, the walls quickly change into portals for lifesize characters to appear.


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