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Would you try cricket-flavoured ice cream topped with dried crickets?

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of our all-time favourite desserts.

It lends itself to experimentation, with innovative flavours and other versions being created. But what if we told you someone has created a cricket-flavoured ice cream that is topped with the dried insects themselves?

Believe it or not, a German ice cream parlour Eiscafe Rino in the southern city of Rottenburg, which is known for offering unusual flavours, has something new for customers to try: cricket-flavoured scoops with crickets on top.

According to “New York Post”, the owner of the café and the creator of the ice cream, Thomas Micolino, referred to his new creation as a delicacy. Micolino explained that he believes that crickets will become a normal food in the future, so his new treat is just a small message, reported the tabloid.

He also explained that he was very open-minded about food, and he always wanted to be able to say that he had eaten crickets in ice cream.

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He did not neglect to mention, however, that he has been overwhelmed with conflicting opinions about his new treat, with some giving good and bad comments about the ice cream.

Despite the criticism, however, he can confidently say that the new flavour has shocked the public, and Micolino has definitely sparked curiosity in the people who have seen the ice cream, the news site reported.

A German ice cream parlour has something new for customers to try: cricket-flavoured scoops with crickets on top. Picture: Alex Kramer Photography Instagram screenshot
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Late last year we were also introduced to butter chicken ice cream with green chutney that left many people baffled.

In a video that went viral, a cook is seen serving butter chicken ice cream with green chutney in clay bowls.

The ice cream is orange, similar to the colour of butter chicken gravy. It appears the chef was attempting to create a fusion dish. However, the ingredients used to prepare this dish cannot be identified.

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The video soon took social media by storm, eliciting strong reactions.


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