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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Fans hella curious about why Lauren London and Jonah Hill didn’t kiss in ‘You People’

London and Hill share a cute romance in the new romcom “You People”, and the internet was shocked to discover that the on-screen couple reportedly did not share a real kiss; the kiss was created through CGI.

Cast member Andrew Schulz, who also features in the podcast “Brilliant Idiots”, spilt the beans to Charlamagne Tha God and explained the fake kiss.

“I don’t know if I should share this here, but in the final scene of ‘You People’, they don’t even kiss. It’s CGI. I’m there; I’m watching the wedding, and I see them going for the kiss, and their faces are like this far,” he says.

“(I thought) oh, they’re probably going to cut right there, but if you see the movie, you can see their faces come close, and then you can see their faces morph a little bit into a fake kiss,” he said.

It does look a little weird and suspicious if you look at it closely. If anything, it looks like Lauren’s mouth is being drastically sucked in by Jonah Hill.

The alleged CGI kiss by ‘You People’ stars, Lauren London and Jonah Hill, Picture: INSTAGRAM

This is what Tweeps had to say: ‘“Jonah played the role really well just cus he’s that talented but Lauren London looked like she ain’t even wanna be in the movie, idk man lol.’’

Another wrote: ‘’So maybe they should’ve casted someone who was actually willing to bring romance into the movie cause the chemistry was off, if she wasn’t ready then that’s totally understandable but the role should’ve went to someone else.’’

What do you think it was, were they maybe not feeling each other in that sense?

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