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WATCH: Colour-blind boyfriend left confused at his baby’s gender reveal

With that being said, they can either be special or cringe-worthy. A TikTok user Jenna Cowan, shared a video clip where her gender reveal went hilariously wrong.

According to colorblindness.com, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people with this condition can’t see colour, ‘“around 0.5% of women (1 in 200) and 8% of men (1 in 12) suffer from some form of colour vision deficiency.’’ Making it more common in men.

In the clip, you can see the couple preparing the gender reveal but the baby daddy seems a little confused. Turns out, he is colour-blind and the mom-to-be; forgot.

Hence, when the boyfriend twists the cannon he didn’t quite understand what’s happening, clearly, he hasn’t attended any gender reveal parties, bless his heart, as the caption indicates.

“What is it?” he asked. Jenna points to the confetti stating the obvious. Although he still doesn’t know whats up, the quirky smile on his face remained.

@news.com.au He looked so confused, bless this man 😅 #genderreveal #firsttimemum #youngmum #firsttimemom #funny #viral #fyp ♬ The Strumbellas – Spirits – .

“Oops,” Jenna wrote in the caption.“Bless him ‘what is it’.”

The viral video received various reactions from others.

‘“Not me realising that if I ever have a gender reveal I’ll have to say “it’s pink” or “it’s blue” bc a lot of people in my family are colour-blind.’’

Another user wrote: “You know what’s super cute is that she was probably so excited to do it this way, he didn’t mention he wouldn’t be able to see it.’’

It seems as though many could relate to the situation, where many forgot their partners are colour-blind. As Jenna replied to a comment: “So easy to forget, isn’t it? 😅”


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