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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Chris Redd is dating the estranged wife of Kenan Thompson

Chris Redd is dating the estranged wife of Kenan Thompson.

Christina Evangeline, 33, is separated from her husband – with whom she has Georgina, eight, and four-year-old Gianni with him – but is said to be “happier than she has ever been” since striking up a relationship with Thompson’s fellow “Saturday Night Live” star.

A source said: “Christina and Chris started dating at the beginning of this year. The pair met before (Chris) started doing ‘SNL’ and they have been friends for years.

“They’ve always been very close. He was there for her last year through some of the hardest times of her life … She seems to be the happiest she’s ever been. Her relationship with Chris is great and it’s normal.”

The insider went on to explain that “conversations had been had” which made sure to inform those closest to the former couple that Evangeline had moved on and insisted that the former “Kenan and Kel” star wishes his estranged wife well as he continues to look for somebody new.

The source told UsWeekly: “Conversations had been had and everyone in their circle knew about the relationship prior to the news being released. Kenan’s dating other people (too). He wishes her happiness.”

Meanwhile, Redd had recently decided to quit “Saturday Night Live” after five years on the variety comedy show and the insider explained that it was just the “right time” to move on and insisted that there was no “ill will” between him and other cast mates.

The source said: “Chris has other projects lined up that conflicted with his ‘SNL’ schedule. He feels like he made the right decision to leave ‘SNL’ since it was time for him to move on. He’s still close with the cast and there’s no ill will.”

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