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Wife kicks her hubby out the delivery room for playing games on his phone and chatting to his buddies

When a woman goes into labour the best thing for her partner to do is to simply be there.

Whether it’s to hold her and, listen to her screams and pretty much do whatever he’s told.

The last thing a woman, who’s in pain and about to bring new life into the world, needs is a man who’s going to be more of an irritation and of no use at all.

After being in labour for 26 hours this Reddit user decided to kick her husband out of the delivery room.

In a post on the AITA group (Am I the A**hole?) she writes: “I was in labour for 26 hours and was in a lot of pain as I didn’t take an epidural.

“My husband was constantly on the cellphone ether playing games or talking with his ‘bros’ being really loud, when I asked him to please hang up he’d hang up the cellphone and then like 10 minutes later call them back.”

It seems her husband had missed out on a boys’ trip (because his wife was about to give birth) and his buddies kept calling him to update him on the trip.

“I was really annoyed and told him if he wanted to talk to his friend he could do that elsewhere so I can be in pain in peace,” she adds in her post.

After constant phone calls and a FaceTime call from her mother-in-law – who wanted to chat about when she gave birth to her son – the mother-to-be simply couldn’t take it anymore.

When a nurse went into the room to check in on her it was her gap to get her husband out of the room.

“A nurse ends up coming in and could tell I was upset and asks me if everything was all right and I tell her I just really want to be alone.”

“She ends up kicking out my husband and in turn he ends up missing the birth of our first-born daughter because he left the hospital because he was pi**ed off that I got the nurse to kick him out the room.”

“He refused to come see his daughter afterwards because he was angry at me for kicking him out, my mother-in-law who did visit me in the hospital wouldn’t stop talking about how I’m such a bad wife for removing my husband from the room.”

Even though she and the baby are now home her husband still brings it up, reminds her that SHE ruined a moment of bonding with his daughter and how he could never forgive her for that.

Now she wants to know.

“Am I the a**hole for kicking my husband out the delivery room because he was making phone calls?”

What do you think?


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