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Want rebirth, vigour and vitality? Consider working out outdoors. Here’s your chance…

August marks Women’s Month and each year, we celebrate the strength and resilience of women and their contribution to society and country.

Unathi Nkayi, a former “Idols” judge, body-positivity icon, fitness advocate and fearless champion of strong women everywhere, will get to grips with gym equipment at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden on the morning of August 27.

Nkayi’s outdoor gym aims to celebrate Women’s Month and to remind people everywhere that all women are entitled to claim and celebrate their strength, power and beauty.

“Be who you are, embrace yourself and celebrate that which makes you unique and beautiful. It’s the best gift you can give yourself. And it’s the very best example you can set for others,” says Nkayi.

What better way to stretch your body and fill your soul with joy, says Unathi Nkayi. Image; supplied

“I can’t wait to try out the gym at Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden for myself. I have heard so much of this gym set in the heart of a beautiful, indigenous garden. What better way to stretch your body and fill your soul with joy?” she adds.

“People love the gym,” says Xolelwa Mokoena, the curator at Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden. “It’s one of our most well-liked features. It’s a fun alternative for visitors who want to enjoy the fresh air, birds and the lovely spring weather.“

Mokoena says people are welcome to join as this is a celebration of the power and strength and beauty of women.

Mandilakhe Mzamane, a personal trainer, says that inhaling fresh air can make you feel euphoric and enhance your psychological reaction, which motivates you to work harder.

A study, which was published in Environmental Science and Technology, suggests that working out outside produces sensations of rebirth, vigour, and positive thinking that are stronger than those produced by working out inside.

It’s easy to fall into a fitness rut when your body knows exactly what to expect from gym machines like the treadmill and stationary bike, but nature is the ideal gym for building your perfect body. It would be a good idea to occasionally trade the four walls and stuffy air of a gym for sunshine and nature.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.webtickets.co.za/v2/Event.aspx?itemid=1517593863.

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