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Watch: Strange landspout emerges in Canada, shocks netizens

When one thinks of tornadoes, one imagines a storm and unruly weather but recently in Canada, landsprouts emerged during an otherwise calm day.

The video of the strange weather phenomenon was posted on social media by Twitter user Douglas Thomas, who goes by the user name (@winstonwildcat).

In the video, which was taken on a beach, one can see a landsprout (a kind of tornado) forming in a near distance, while the sun shines through the clear clouds. In the video, a woman can be heard exclaiming, “Oh my god that’s a tornado” as the beachgoers curiously inspect the growing landsprout. Soon, people start packing up and prepare to leave the area for safety.

The video, which was posted on Thursday has gathered over 2,900 likes.

Commenting on it, a Twitter user wrote, “I dont think I have seen a tornado like that before.” Another person remarked, “Woahhhhh. That is a fantastic shot! Especially the zoom in… it looks great. A bit scary, but stunning nonetheless!”.

The video was taken near Manitou Beach in Watrous, a small town in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The videos emerged a day after tornado and heavy rain warnings were issued in the area.

As per the advisory by the Canadian Disaster Database, during a tornado, people should take shelter indoors, preferably in underground places like a basement. If one is stuck outside then they should “stay close to the ground as possible or cover in a low-lying area, such as a ditch”.


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