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Would you eat a Whopper topped with strawberry ice cream and fries or ice cream and pickles?

Have you seen those viral pictures on social media featuring stomach-turning Burger King items from Germany?

Believe it or not, the pictures are real, but there is one big catch: All of the foods advertised were available for precisely one day at just one location in Berlin.

They are not regular items sold at Burger King in Germany, as many people seem to think.

Just in time for Mother’s Day this year, the restaurant made a special Whopper to satisfy moms’ weird pregnancy cravings.

According to data collected by Burger King Germany, 58% of pregnant women said food cravings are a “thoroughly familiar phenomenon,” while 76% said it was impossible to resist the cravings.

Using the information the chain then debuted The Pregnancy Whopper which put some of the most popular pregnancy food cravings into one burger.

The limited-edition sandwiches included cucumbers and jam, fish sticks and applesauce, curry sausage and fried herring, sausage and chocolate cream, and more.

Referencing one of the burgers, with strawberry ice cream and chips stuffed inside it, one Twitter user wrote: “This one looks like you asked a 6-year-old to combine all his favourite foods (sic).”

While another shared a picture of the olive and ice cream concoction and wrote: “What the f*** is that.”

“The fact that it’s not fake scares me,” said a third.

As a fourth exclaimed: “So, this is what they are eating over there in Germany at Burger King??? HELL NAW.”

In a press release, marketing director at Burger King Germany Klaus Schmäing said the cravings were as real as pregnant women’s desire for special food combinations.

“This brought us to the idea to turn the most popular pregnancy cravings into pregnancy Whopper sandwiches.

“As a result, combinations like cucumber with jam or sausage with chocolate cream have been created – and expectant moms have enthusiastically tried them,” said Schmäing.


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