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Dylan O’Brien Likes Tweet About Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho

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The original tweet — from @FilmUpdates on Twitter — reposted a Deadline story, which broke the news that Arden reportedly passed on the project after only being offered half the salary presented to other actors. Dylan’s likes show Phil Yu’s quote tweet response: “Arden said ‘nah.'”

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To catch you up to speed, a revival movie of the 2011 MTV series was first announced last September. And just yesterday, Paramount+ unveiled the cast list, which notably did not include Dylan, Arden, or Tyler Hoechlin, who played Derek Hale.

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Pretty much everyone else — including Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Crystal Reed, and Shelley Hennig — are set to return.

It’s worth noting that Arden — who portrayed a badass kitsune hailing from Japanese folklore in later seasons, winning the hearts of both viewers and main character Scott McCall (Tyler) — is the only Asian actor in a predominantly white cast.

In fact, news of the pay disparity brought back memories of when her character was unexpectedly cut from the final season of the show. “Sorry that there were some interviews where I said I was excited for Season 6,” she said in a YouTube video commenting on her discarded storyline. “I think at the time we were assuming we were back.”

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“I think sometimes in a show where there are so many characters, there isn’t always room for everyone. So I guess that was it. I do wish we would’ve developed a little bit more of her powers … and just [that] there would’ve been more of an epic ending, but you never know with Teen Wolf,” she added.

And it looks like Arden noticed her former costar’s support, responding to a fan’s tweet that “[Dylan’s] a good one.”

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Fans also peeped the like, theorizing that Arden’s unfair (and racist) pay cut could be part of the reason why Dylan didn’t sign on to the project either.

Dylan O’Brien liked this and some of y’all still have yourselves convinced he’ll be in the movie. https://t.co/vRuxgTRSL5

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Paramount has not commented on the matter, and Arden has yet to speak out about it directly. But we’ll let you know if anything changes!


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