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At just 38 she is already at the helm at FNB

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Growing up, Peo Porogo dreamt of becoming a doctor one day.

But now aged 38, she was promoted to lead the bank’s Marketing and Communications Department as Director.

She believes that her journey has been worth it and she is grateful for all the opportunities that have come here way.

“My main responsibility is to make sure that our bank’s brand stays relevant and impactful in the ever-changing banking industry. It’s a big job, but I’m always up for the challenge! My days are pretty varied, but I always make sure to touch base with my team regularly,” she said.

She added that she started out in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) then she moved on to telecommunications and banking.

She had a really diverse marketing experience, which has been both challenging and exciting. She had to directly engage with customers through sales and business development.

“The companies I worked for before definitely set me up for success, everyone that has worked for SAB [South African Breweries] during my time will tell you that the marketing we did there was world class,” she stated.

But just how did she transition from wanting to become a doctor but ending up as a marketing guru?

“Like most of us, growing up in Botswana, I wanted to be a doctor. Then I discovered a profession called physiotherapy because one of my neighbours went to study in Australia and I wanted to study there too. I landed in marketing by luck, my dad had two interns who started working with him when I was applying for varsity.”

She is definitely made for greatness and she is not stopping until she gets were she really wants to be.

Source: https://thevoicebw.com/made-for-marketing/

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