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Friday, July 12, 2024

All illegal foreigners should leave SA with immediate effect said ANCYL president

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In a surprising and controversial statement, Collen Malatji, the president of the ANC Youth League, has called for the immediate deportation of all foreign nationals in the country illegally. This bold proclamation was made during his speech at the Youth League’s conference, sparking heated debates and discussions across the nation.

Although many people were not in support of what he said because it seems to be a new way of indirectly pioneering xenophobic attacks. But from what illegal foreigners are doing currently in this country, it is actually worth it to deport them back to their respective countries. Moreover, South Africa is not the first country in the continent to do that.

Most of the crimes been committed in country are carried out by illegal foreigners especially those who are from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Somalia. Why can’t they stay back in their country and constitute the same nuisance they are constituting here? It is actually so painful that the government is taking the lightly.



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