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Linda Mtoba Unveils the Power of Destiny in BET Africa’s ‘Queendom’


In a captivating revelation, actress Linda Mtoba delves into the profound essence of destiny and spirituality as she embodies the role of Ntandokayise Mthombeni in BET Africa’s latest daily drama, “Queendom.”

In an exclusive interview with TshisaLive, Mtoba reflects on the monumental significance of time as the ultimate truth-teller of destiny. “It’s momentous, and it feels larger than me,” she shares. “I am thrilled to be part of ‘Queendom,’ a story that goes beyond the ordinary and delves into the complexities of love, destiny, and the power within.”

As Ntando, Mtoba embodies the strength and resilience inherent in African women, navigating the collision of worlds and the rise of a queen. Linda also shares with TshisaLIVE that transitioning from a supporting to a lead role will be a challenge as she needs to  push herself further. “The time is now,” she declares, emphasising her commitment to her craft and the journey of continuous growth.

With “Queendom” delving into themes of spirituality, Mtoba reveals her profound connection to her cultural and spiritual beliefs. Honouring her ancestors in her craft, she finds solace in rituals and practices that separate her from her character’s heavy emotional scenes. “I’m a very spiritual person,” she affirms, highlighting the importance of maintaining a balance between cultural and spiritual beliefs.

As viewers embark on the journey of “Queendom,” they are invited to witness the convergence of destiny, spirituality, and the power within, as brought to life by Linda Mtoba’s poignant portrayal of Ntandokayise Mthombeni.

Picture: @linda_mtoba

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