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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

“Peter Obi’s Obidients Are Uncouth, Mob” – Bayo Onanuga

The Special Adviser to President Bola Tinubu on Information and Strategy, Bayo Onanuga, has described Obidients, supporters of the Labour Party’s candidate, Peter Obi, as uncouth and mob.

In an interview with Nigerian Tribune on Wednesday, Onanuga said that Obidients engaged in mudslinging and name-calling during the 2023 presidential campaign to ensure President Bola Tinubu did not win the election.

He added that Obi’s supporters always respond unthinkingly to a kind of stimulus and keep repeating and circulating false narratives, misinformation, and rumours.

He said: “Despite the mudslinging, most especially from the Labour Party mob, those uncouth members of the so-called Obidient Movement, President Tinubu still won. We always call them a mob as they always respond unthinkingly to a kind of stimulus.

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“Once somebody throws something out, no matter whether it is fallacious, they gobble it and start sharing. And they keep repeating, circulating the false narratives, the false stories, misinformation, and rumours, such that if you don’t respond to them at times, people believe they are telling the truth.

“Look at the Chicago University controversy for instance. There was a deposition in the US by Caleb Westberg, registrar of the university. Nowhere in the deposition did the man say that Tinubu forged the certificate.

“What the man said was that ‘because we don’t have the original, we cannot authenticate the certificate they said he submitted in Abuja.’ They tried to make the man say he forged the certificate, but the man said no.

“In fact, the school even produced two other certificates similar to the one Tinubu submitted to INEC. Westberg made it clear that Tinubu was an honours graduate and that once a student graduates and wants a replacement certificate, the certificate is not issued by the school.

“It is issued by a third-party vendor. The Tinubu attackers ignored this salient fact and kept bombarding their zombie audience that the university declared Tinubu’s certificate a forgery. This is not true.”

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