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Dr Dk Olukoya Reveals What Is Meant By Shekhinah Glory Of God

Dr Dk Olukoya is the founder and General Overseer of the Yaba-based Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. The cleric renowned for his intense prayers has taken to his official Facebook page to share the video of a message he delivered on what is referred to as the Shekhinah Glory of God.

The Shekhina Glory of God is a very popular term in Christendom. However, as popular as it might be, not every believer understands what it means. On this, the cleric has revealed from 27:17 to 29:30 of the video that, during the birth, of the Lord Jesus Christ, the scriptures recorded that, some shepherds from the East had an encounter with some heavenly beings, who came and announced to them of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. They saw an amazing sight; angels rejoicing and glorifying the name of God amidst a great and unapproachable light shining mightily down from heaven all around them. The sight was so mighty to behold—that is the Shekhina Glory of God.

According to the cleric, the Shekhina glory of God is the light that radiates splendour, it is a cloud of intolerable cloudiness. The Shekhina glory of God is the light of God which is unapproachable; no human being can look at it. It is so brilliant that, there would be no need for the sun for illumination. Its light is more excellent than that of the sun. The Shekhina glory of God is the cloud of intolerable brightness, that was what the shepherds saw.

As shared by the cleric, it is an experience that every believer must pray to have. The Shekhina glory of God is a transforming experience that every believer must be eager and also be prayerful to encounter in their lifetime. As a believer, when you encounter the Shekhina glory of God, your life would be rearranged and changed. You would be transformed beyond human comprehension.

The Shekhina glory of God was it that the apostle Stephen saw when he was being stoned to death by the disgruntled Pharisees. The Bible record has it of Stephens’s experience that, as he was being stoned to death, he looked on steadfastly to heaven and saw the Lord Jesus Christ, sitting at the right hand of God in His glory. This experience prevented Stephen from feeling anything about pain, while he was being killed.

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