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What is the UK Theory Test and How to Prepare for It?

The UK theory test is the first test you take to get your driving license. Successful completion of this test makes you eligible for the driving test which ultimately earns you a driving license. Here is a complete detail of this test together with its preparation guide.

What is the UK Theory Test?

It is a prerequisite test for the driving test. It tests your knowledge of driving skills, vehicle parts and safety, and road safety etiquette. The first of its two parts assesses your concepts of traffic signals, vehicles, and hazards. The second part tests your alertness to see if you are ready to perceive and respond to changing stimuli on the road.

The first section of the test is conducted with 50 multiple-choice questions. You have to attempt it in 57 minutes and score at least 44 points to pass it. The second part will show you 14 videos with potential and developing hazards. You need to spot the developing hazards to pass it. You score one to five points to spot each developing hazard with a higher award for quick response. In this 45-minute-long section, you need to score at least 43 points to pass the test.

Note that you need to pass both sections of this test to proceed to the next step of getting a driving license.

Preparing for the Theory Test

Before you take this test, note that it is in no way an easy feat. Almost half of the candidates fail the test each year. You can maximize your chances to pass it by preparing enough. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of success.

Study the Material

You need to spend up to 100 hours studying the concepts apart from gaining practical driving experience. Start with DVSA books then use comprehensive mock exams and other revision tools to prepare for the theory test. Also, use the practice videos for the hazard perception test available with these revision materials.

Get on the Road

While you cannot drive alone and independently on the road with a provisional license, you are allowed to take your car there when accompanied by your instructor. While driving, be mindful of the concepts you studied in books, and feel free to get answers about these from your mentor.

When you are riding the vehicle as a passenger, don’t be a passive passenger. Instead, look out for potential and developing hazards.

Appear in the Exam

You only need your provisional license to take the test. The candidates must arrive wearing a face mask.

To be completely present in the test, you need to arrive relaxed and confident. Preparing enough for the test will take care of the confidence factor. Relax by keeping the day free or filling it with light, relaxing activities before the exam.

Take Away

Passing the UK theory test allows you to attempt a driving test to get a license. This test assesses your understanding of the skill of driving, road signs, and safety rules. You have to give it a few weeks of attention to succeed at it.

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