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TikTok is tops in SA! Study shows app ranks No 1 when it comes to product discovery

TikTok has had a meteoric rise. In just a few years, the video sharing app has essentially taken over the world.

Much-loved by Gen Z for its viral challenges and other content, it has grown to be much more than a digital platform.

According to a recent Holiday Season Shopping Report 2023 done by Redseer Strategy Consultants, TikTok is currently the number one digital media platform for product discovery for customers over the holiday season.

When compared to other digital media channels, it currently has the greatest effect on buying.

Discovering new items, offering ideas and comments, and engaging in product and purchase-related conversations has grown so organic and natural for the TikTok community that it has become a global trend – #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt – with over 70 billion views.

TikTok is changing the face of modern consumption by providing an experience that combines community, entertainment, and purchasing.

The app is not only developing rapidly in South Africa, but it is also considered a reputable and trusted platform for consumers when making purchasing selections.

This platform now has a major effect on customers at every stage of the user journey, from search to discovery and buy influence, and this influence grows throughout the Christmas season.

Three key insights stand out from the study:

TikTok is a component of the product discovery process

When compared to other digital media platforms, more than 40% of local customers use it for product search, seeking fashionable items, personalised experiences, and greater diversity in results. Furthermore, nearly half of South African customers found items through trendy TikTok videos, and 44% engage with TikTok creator videos before deciding to buy a product.

TikTok is an inspiration platform, and this usage rises throughout the holiday season

Fifty-five percent of TikTok users use the site for inspiration at regular times, and usage increases during the holiday season, reaching 64%.

In terms of buying, TikTok content motivates 95% of the platform’s South African users to make purchases, and over 70% plan to boost their spending during the Christmas season.

The TikTok journey is centred on peer reviews in the form of “digital word-of-mouth

Because of improved ratings and recommendations, 66% of TikTok users encourage their communities to make purchases after watching TikTok content, and 20% of customers prefer searching on TikTok over other platforms.


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