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Nonku Williams opens up about being abused by ex-husband

‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ star Nonku Williams earlier this month revealed to her followers that she had gone under the knife for liposuction.

Throughout her public journey, Williams has been open about her life experiences such as also being in an abusive marriage for five years.

In a video seen circulating on X, Williams’ is seen talking about a moment from her former marriage.

“I remember I was running out of the house, and he went and took his gun. He chased me with the gun and wasikhokha (cocked it) and then he said, where’s my wallet.

“I know it in my heart if I had said I don’t know one more time he was going to pull the trigger. And then I said, okay let me go get it.”

In a second video, the reality TV star further detailed what she was subjected to verbal abuse all whilst being pregnant.

“He would say swear words which I can’t even repeat, that I can’t even say he would say such things, all because I did not obey him ukuthi ndilethe ijacket (by bringing the jacket).

“I am six months pregnant with his child, and all that I did was that ngikhohlwe ijacket (I forgot his jacket). He just went on and on in the car about what a disgrace…”

The videos of Williams’ personal story are currently trending and many online users are weighing in on her story.

Williams has been open with her followers about her recovery, posting pictures of herself in hospital, post surgery. The businesswoman got liposuction on her back, tummy, arms and thighs.

She recently wrote an Instagram post where she opened up about her emotional and physical healing process.

“As I look at my bruised body because of my recent procedure I can’t help but associate physical healing with emotional healing ❤️‍🩹 As badly as I want my healing process to be over I realise that HEALING really is a process that should not be rushed both physically and emotionally.

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“Our physical scars and bruises are proof of a horrible ordeal that we endured but because we see them physically and so as other people, we tend to nurse them more and allow nature to take its course while we also apply necessary measures to speed up our healing like taking of pain meds or gently massaging the affected area.”


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