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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

WATCH: Margot Robbie’s perfectly arched ‘Barbie’ feet goes viral

The second trailer for the highly anticipated Barbie movie has dropped, and folk are losing their minds.

The trailer offers another peak into Barbie’s world, but it’s not the bubblegum pink decor and perfect human dolls that are causing such a stir.

It’s the opening scene of the trailer that has people talking.

The scene shows Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, walking down a pink hallway wearing her famous furry slip-on high heels.

She then steps out of her high heels and places her perfectly pedicured toes on the floor, but without putting her heels down.

As we all know, Barbie doll’s feet are permanently arched that way.

It’s this fine detail and Robbie’s feet that have tweeps obsessed with the shot.

By simply searching “Barbie’s feet” on Twitter you’ll find hundreds of feet-obsessed users raving about them and the brilliant shot.

“NO foot fetish but when she stepped out of the shoes and her feet stayed in barbie formation i lost my mind,” a tweep posted.

“I loved the Barbie trailer, but the way that Twitter is posting and re-posting that shot of Barbie’s feet is about to start a mass foot fetish in unison,” commented another.

“ok y’all are a little too obsessed with that picture of Barbie’s feet it’s gettin a bit suspicious… whole timeline foaming at the mouth it’s giving wikifeet,” noted another.

Even model Chrissy Teigen got in on it, saying: “I need to know everything about this shot. How many takes, if she held onto something, was she harnessed, is the landing mark sticky, are they her feet, who did the pedicure, really just a documentary on this shot.”

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