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Would you eat at this Soweto restaurant that serves meals in a shovel?

Dining out has become a lavish affair. Everything from the restaurant’s ambience to its aesthetic appeal is a deciding factor for customers.

Chefs, too, are going the extra mile to make their dishes quirky and a class apart from the other eateries. This involves not just the food, but also the way it is presented and plated.

From cheese croquettes plated in a ceramic hand to breakfast served in an egg carton, eateries are now coming up with ever more creative ways in which to serve you a meal.

According to historical research, food was presented in overly elaborate and ornate ways to represent wealth and one’s status in society, and today, the focus has shifted to displaying a chef’s creative abilities as well as enhancing the customer’s overall food experience.

Chefs now intimately understand people employ more than just their taste buds when consuming dishes.

Chefs across the world today rely on every artistic taste to ensure that their fare is a visual feast. While this is often a good thing – it all depends on how they are choosing to do so.

Earlier this week, a picture of food served in a shovel went viral causing a stir on social media.

The picture was posted on Twitter by @ArbutiiBae with the caption, “Secret Location, Somewhere In Soweto.”

Ribs, potato wedges, potato salad, and Greek salad were meals served on the two shovels. Many tweeps shared that they are unwilling to eat off of shovels.

One user wrote: “I guess the refreshments come in boots.”

A second user wrote: “I wouldn’t order soup at this restaurant.” While a third commented: “This better be good cause I’d hate to chase someone with that.”


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