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Watch this Florida teen wakeboarding in a flooded street

Torrential rain and flooding pose difficulties for people everywhere, restricting them to their homes without access to basic facilities. However, a teenager in Florida decided to have some fun in the inundated streets in areas.

Brett Holland, 16, went wakeboarding after tying a rope to the back of his dad’s truck and his videos have amazed netizens. Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the rider stands on a board tied behind a motorboat.

The clip shared on his YouTube channel, Brett Holland, shows him wakeboarding through the waters. Holding the rope tied to the truck, the teenager wakeboards with ease through the turns on the road. He even waves at other vehicles that pass by.

Watch the video here:

Holland has said he drew inspiration from videos he had watched on the internet earlier. “It was pretty fun. It was nice, relaxing just to get out there,” Holland was quoted as saying by NBC. “I brought the rope with me, and the skimboard, and got out there. It was fun,” added Holland.

He also admitted there were risks involved in his act and that he suffered minor hand injuries.

If a police officer had spotted Holland wakeboarding in the flooded streets, he would have been pulled over and given a citation.

“It only takes one other vehicle to slam into that person, or for that person to fall off and then be crushed by an oncoming vehicle,” Brandon Sancho, Cape Coral Police Department officer, was quoted as saying by NBC. “They could issue a citation or they could just use it as an opportunity to educate the driver,” Sancho added.


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