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5 Sitting Postures And What They Say About You

Tell me what posture you adopt when you sit down and I will tell you who you are. A revisited saying that could well define you. Chair, sofa, armchair or sofa, it’s the same fight, our way of sitting will betray us.

The way we sit would say a lot about us and our personality. Because our emotions do not pass only through the face and its associated mimicry. Indeed, the way one stands or sits can convey a different image. And often, we ignore it completely.

1. With your legs crossed

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A position that most of us adopt: cross-legged. You would be a dreamy person, full of ideas, who does not like routine and can take decisions easily, one of your great qualities. You don’t do what you don’t like. It’s that simple.

2. With both of your legs on one side

A position adopted by the royal family to avoid crossing your legs with a tailor! If you adopt it without trying to hide your panties, you would be a fatalistic person , but still succeed in get what you want . You ca n’t stand criticism because you’ve been hurt in the past.

4. With your legs apart

A position often adopted by men . You are an idealist who thinks before making decisions. Even though you may be disorganized , you have messy logic! You said it was hard to focus on one thing at a time.

5. Straight legs

Picky, straightforward or even slightly inside, you have a hard time showing your emotions in public. Deep inside you have a tendency to introvert due to certain injuries.

And you, what is your way of sitting down every day? Have you found any of your sitting postures and character traits in this list ? Share your opinion with us in the comments! And to take it a step further, find out what clenching your fists says about you .

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