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50 Nzema Queen Mothers Celebrate Damba With Lamashegu Naa

Nzema Queen mothers celebrating Damba at the Lamashegu Chief Palace

Fifty Nzema Queen mothers from the Nzema land in the Western Region have visited the Lamashegu Chief Palace to celebrate the Damba festival with the people of Lamashegu in Tamale the Northern region.

The Queen mother of Nzema, Nana Awabe II, told journalists that they were very excited to visit Dagbon and to experience the rich culture and hoped that the friendship established between Nzema and Dagbon will grow from strength to strength.

“We will tell our people in Nzema land how Dagbon people are so lovely and we know that the friendship will stay for life and we hope you will also visit us and celebrate our Kundum festival and experience our culture as well.”

The Northern Regional Minister, Shani Alhassan Shaibu, encouraged the people of Nzema land and other investors to come to Dagbon and invest noting that Dagbon is a peaceful and conducive place to invest.

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“ There are so many investment opportunities so when you go back to Nzema land tell your people to come here and invest, some of your brothers and sisters are already living and doing business here and I know this is just the beginning of good things yet to come.”

He disclosed the regional coordinating council will facilitate collaboration between Nzema Queen mothers and Dagbon Queen mothers for the development of the Ghanaian society.

The Zung Lana Mahamoud II, Col. Alhaji Mahamoud Tahiru (Rtd), a Council of State member representing the Northern Region at the ceremony said Ghanaians need to sell their cultural tourism to themselves because it is the surest way to sell the Ghanaian culture to the outside world.

“We will take the Nzema Queen-mothers to tourist sites such as the slave market and other sites in Dagbon so that they can see our culture and hospitality industry.”

The Nzema Queen mothers are expected to visit the overlord of Dagbon, Ndan Ya Na, Abubakari II to celebrate Damba at the Gbewa palace on Sunday, October 24, 2021.

FROM Eric Kombat, Lamashegu

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