Posted: Wednesday 27th March 2013 at 17:59 pm

Doctors threaten strike next week

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) is threatening to reactivate their strike next week pending an executive meeting.

This they say is “due to the delay and diversionary tactics being employed by the Fair Wages and Salary Commission (FWSC).”

In a statement the GMA stated: “GMA cannot be attending countless fruitless meetings ad infinitum as it’s clear that, Fair Wages and Salary Commission is out to only frustrate the Ghana Medical Association and is not willing to reach any agreement.”

“GMA will like to therefore inform the general Public that, the suspended road map which led to the partial withdrawal of services by doctors in the public sector on 11th February, 2013 will unfortunately have to be reactivated very soon pending the National Executive Council of the Ghana Medical Association meeting next week,” the statement said.

The National Executive Council of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) on 12th February 2013 agreed to suspend their strike which started in the first week of February 2013 till further notice.

The decision was reached after a meeting between the GMA, National Labour Commission (NLC) and the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) in Accra on 12th February, 2013.

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