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Artist Mabzar Accuses Junior de Rocka and Elevatorz of Song Theft

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Emerging producer and artist Mabzar, also known as Samkelo Gasa, has come forward with serious allegations against Junior de Rocka and Gqom group Elevatorz, claiming that they stole his song without permission or proper credit. The dispute centers around the release of a track titled “Abantu Abadala,” featuring Ngizwe Mchunu, which dropped on Friday.

In an exclusive interview with ZiMoja, Mabzar expressed his disappointment and frustration over the unauthorized release of the song. “The main artist and primary producer, owner of the song ‘Abantu Abadala,’ is Mabzar. I was not aware about the changes that have been made in my song,” he stated. Mabzar further revealed that he was shocked to discover the song’s release date and artwork on social media without his knowledge.

According to Mabzar, he had initially collaborated with Elevatorz on the track, but he was blindsided when they proceeded to release it without his involvement. “I made the song on 4th March 2024 at 12:57. I have all the proof and the witnesses to prove my case,” he asserted. Despite his attempts to reach out to Elevatorz and Junior de Rocka to address the issue, Mabzar claims that his concerns were dismissed, and he was not given proper credit for his contributions to the song.

Expressing his frustration, Mabzar stated, “I guess my voice was not loud enough to be recognized, and I was not given credit the way I should have. I am considering taking legal actions.” ZiMoja also stated that  attempts to obtain comments from Junior de Rocka and Elevatorz were unsuccessful, as both artists allegedly hung up when questioned about the controversy.

As the dispute unfolds, the music industry awaits further developments, with Mabzar determined to assert his rights and seek justice for what he perceives as a blatant infringement of his creative work.

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