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5-star airline considers asking business-class passengers to bring their own cutlery, but would this fly in Mzansi?

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Cathay Pacific, the esteemed Hong Kong carrier and one of only ten airlines awarded five stars by Skytrax, is exploring some unconventional ideas for sustainability.

According to travel website View From The Wing, the airline surveyed members of its “Cathay Lab” loyalty program, specifically those who fly business class.

One particularly eye-catching question asked if passengers would be willing to “bring their own cutlery set” onboard for mealtime.

Take a look at the questionnaire on the “Cathay Lab” loyalty program survey on their “flyertalk” forum.

While this might raise eyebrows amongst those accustomed to premium in-flight dining, it wasn’t the only eco-conscious initiative explored.

The survey also gauged passenger receptiveness to returning used plastic water bottles for recycling, handing them to cabin crew, or even bringing their own reusable bottles.

It’s important to remember this is simply a survey, not a premonition of future cutlery-less flights.

However, it does highlight Cathay Pacific’s willingness to explore novel approaches to environmental responsibility.

Traditionally, the conversation about sustainable aviation has focused on biofuels and fuel-efficient aircraft. Altering business-class amenities marks a distinct shift.

Undeniably, the prospect of a BYOC policy might elicit groans from some business class passengers.

After all, a defining aspect of premium travel is indulging in a meticulously prepared meal served on proper tableware with metal cutlery. Yet, Cathay Pacific’s established reputation, further bolstered by their impressive 42% passenger growth compared to March 2023, might provide them the leeway to explore such unconventional concepts.

However, if these changes ever come into operation they could run into difficulty with aviation authorities in South Africa as the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), as stainless steel cutlery could be considered a safety hazard.

Currently, restaurants operating beyond the boarding gates do not serve food with stainless steel cutlery, only plastic and wooden-based cutlery.

ACSA said other objects which were prohibited include:

– items designed for chopping, such as axes, hatchets, and cleavers,

– ice axes and ice picks, corkscrews; letter opener

– razor blades and box cutters

– knives, regardless of the length of the blade (except for plastic or round bladed butter knife); knitting needles,

– scissors regardless of the length of the blade (except for plastic or round bladed scissors),

– martial arts equipment with sharp points or sharp edges, throwing stars, Brass knuckles etc;

– swords and sabres,

– Wallet Ninja knife (Credit card knife).

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