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Dreamteam  Duo Ventures into Radio to Expand Horizons

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The dynamic duo of Dreamteam, comprising Lusaso Ngcobo and Trevor Sineke, is taking their talents to the airwaves, joining Luyanda Nkambule on her lively lifestyle show, Saturday Groove, aired on Gagasi FM. Transitioning from their musical roots, they now engage with listeners and play games during the show’s final hour.

Sowetan S Mag reported that the group  originally formed as part of a hip-hop dance crew, Dreamteam’s journey evolved into a trio with the addition of Ngcobo’s childhood friend, Mthoko “Zulu” Mkhathini. Their breakthrough came in 2013 with the release of their album “The Blow Up,” featuring the hit song “Tsekede,” which garnered widespread acclaim and even attracted collaborations with industry giants like AKA and Big Nuz.

Despite facing challenges and the departure of Mkhathini in 2018, Ngcobo and Sineke told Sowetan S mag that they are still committed to preserving Dreamteam’s legacy. Now, they embrace the opportunity presented by Gagasi FM to delve into the world of radio, recognising it as a chance to diversify their artistic endeavours and reach new audiences.

While balancing their radio commitments with their musical pursuits, Ngcobo assures fans of more music to come this year. With aspirations of hosting their own show one day, they draw inspiration from seasoned radio personalities like Siz n Scoop, Felix Hlophe, Tbo Touch, and DJ Fresh.

Reflecting on their journey, Ngcobo emphasises their resilience and commitment to innovation, ensuring that Dreamteam remains a household name synonymous with quality and relevance in South Africa’s entertainment landscape. As they navigate new opportunities and set their sights on growth, Ngcobo and Sineke are determined to continue shaping the future of their brand with passion and purpose.

Picture: @trey_dt

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